winter in france

November 15, 2010

winter in france is my favorite. the thick fog settles in like clockwork (in fact, you have to plan around it since you can’t drive in it), the heaping, crackling fires (my favorite is the fireplace in the kitchen), the pineau (the homemade non-labeled bottle is part of the perfection), the savory + melt-in-your-mouth foods, and time with family, especially my adorable grandfather. 
i imagine winters in france have been like this for centuries. in the small town that my family is from (and that we were married in) i wonder how much has changed — and i am pretty confident not too much has. and i love that. sundays during winter are hunting times. i love following my grandfather around + pretending to be a part of the old tradition (and mens club. in fact, i was supposedly the first female to go hunting back in 2008).

we are headed to france in just a little over two weeks (eee!) and i cannot wait. my cousin, the film maker, is making a little documentary about my grandfather + his hunting friends. i cannot wait to help + play + sit in front of the fire and sip pineau and eat civet. it’s a tough life, but someone has to do it.

*the above photos are from a trip to france in winter, 2008.

14 thoughts on “winter in france

  1. Bridget

    there is something so lovely and cozy about the pictures. i don’t know why. take a pic of a cold massachusetts day and i wouldn’t say the same, but france. yes.

  2. Sara Louise

    Your description of winter in France is perfect! And yesterday, in my little corner of Provence, it was exactly as you described!
    Have a wonderful time on your trip :-)

  3. Krystal

    what a great blog! thanks for your comment, glad to have found you!
    and wow, your time in france sounds like it will be incredible…and filming your grandpa…so special! and such a good idea :)


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