my mr.

January 18, 2011

is a good (and silly) one. how’d i get so lucky? xo.

ps. have you read our wedding story?

  • awwwww you two are adorbs! i LOVE being silly w/ my hubby!!

  • Aw, you two are very adorable! Cute picture!

  • This is beyond adorable!

  • Very sweet! You guys make a great couple. :)

  • This is very sweet :) Thanks for the smile!

  • You guys make a beautiful couple…and judging from this picture, a fun one too!

  • You two look really cute! He seems like a very nice guy :)

  • Handsome man!! Maybe one day I’ll be able to meet him! I’m very grateful to have met YOU! and you must be of the same mold!

  • oh my goodness! what a lovely looking couple! your two are just too cute.

  • Is he threatening the camera with a fork? Tell him spoons work MUCH better ;)

    Lol. I love this shot, you two look like you have a lot of fun together :)

  • cuteness overload! love your hair like that!

    am off to read your wedding story…

  • Such a cute picture! So good to see your face too :)