weekend in silly photos.

April 11, 2011

oh, i love the weekends. this past weekend, we spent lots of time basking in the sunshine, drinking margaritas at 3pm, visiting a bridal expo with girlfriends (no one is engaged, mind you!), an impromptu dinner party, and cruising around with weber. it was a perfect spring weekend. how was your weekend? xo

  • what are you doing with that ginger ale? haha

    and i love that you guys went to a bridal expo un-engaged!!!

  • Living north of the border, I have to say the Canada Dry love made me smile. As did the bridal expo exploits. :)

  • awwww Weber’s soooo cute!

  • oh my goodness. you two have TOO MUCH FUN!!!! I love it. Need to MEET him!!!

  • such fun photos!!! loooove the margaritas @3 and the fact that none of you are engaged but went to the bridal expo. i would probably do that too, out of curiosity!!

  • Gingerale and margaritas! Awesome!

  • Who doesn’t love a margarita at 3:00 in the afternoon? Pretty much my weekend ritual. Good thing my husband is a fab bartender….

  • I love that you went to a bridal expo without being engaged, sounds like fun!