around charente, part one

May 11, 2011

after a few days in paris, we were ready to rest in the country. my grandfather lives on an old (non-working) farm (where the mr. and i were married almost two years ago!). which is also where his grandmother (making it my great great grandmother) was born. how cool is that!? my grandmother lives a mere twenty-five minutes away in the house that she grew up in. there’s so much history.

1. fresh cut roses from my grandmother’s amazing garden. 2. shoes at the entrance of the farm. 3. fresh, delicious, juicy strawberries. 4. roses at the farm. 5. the cemetery where my ancestors are buried. 6. my beautiful sister, loo. 7. one of the two barns at the farm. 8. oh, when the sun hits the vineyard… 9. country roads.

  • Oh, wow….all of this is SO VERY beautiful!!!

  • incredible photographs!!!

  • Seriously, your pictures always make me have French travel lust in a big way.

  • Kim

    Your pictures are gorgeous! Love it.