the loire valley

November 17, 2011

the loire valley is gorgeous every time of year. but the fall, oh the fall is magical. when i first moved to france (a few years ago), i was saddened that i would miss a new england fall. i had always been to europe in the winter or summer. quite happily surprised, the fall in paris – and throughout europe was just as perfect as could be. it exceeded my expectations by far. the leaves, mulled wine, crisp air. it is perfect – and so is the loire valley.

  • oooh i’ve been there! that second-to-last photo is a chateau that was built by some king (i think) for his mistress…i was there in the summer of 2006 so i clearly have a foggy memory…

    it was so incredible though!! gosh i’m getting nostalgic…

  • This looks like the setting for a fairy tale! Absolutely gorgeous.

  • natalie, these pictures are incredible!

  • gorgeous. sooo gorgeous.

  • OH MY GOSH. That house! Or maybe castle is a better word. I would love to explore more of France one day.

  • Breathtaking photographs, surprising to hear about Fall in Europe, how cool.