a big welcome to 2013

January 2, 2013

you know when you have a feeling deep within your bones? i get chills just thinking about 2013 and the shifts that are coming. this past year was a good, yet challenging time, and i am looking ahead to peace, adventure and enjoying more of the simple.

here’s a quick look back on this past year (one of my favorite ways to comprehend all that this year gave – and i gave in return.)

january was a month of family and quietude.

february came and we celebrated matt’s birthday with a few days high above the new york city skyline.

in march, we lost my grandmother. i spent time in france with my beloved family and soaked up as many details as i could, including the majestic countryside sunsets.

signs of spring showed themselves come april; we rejoiced.

although it was a mild winter, i found myself still hibernating come may in montreal.

june was a month of big transitions: a new job, the beginning of wedding season, and the loss of matt’s grandmother. we cuddled with family in provincetown and found comfort in the ebb and flow.

in july, we traveled to san francisco, cleveland, and around new england. we danced a lot.

there were more weddings in august. we also celebrated my birthday with a trip to costa rica. it was beautiful and the time away was precious.

september came and we were still living in summer’s light with trips to charleston and nantucket.

in october, i began sharing sketches. we spent a week with my family celebrating by the sea in martha’s vineyard.

in november, we lost my other grandmother. it was a difficult time, but the support and love of a big family is a wonderful/beautiful thing. matt and i spent thanksgiving in europe, where i couldn’t wait to hug my grandfather.

december was a quiet month with a lot of reflection. i took my very first sewing class and spent a week in san francisco. as always, i loved sitting by the fire in awe of the christmas tree’s flickering lights. especially after a challenging year, there was nothing i wanted more than to spend the holidays with my family.

thank you, 2012, for the challenges and joys you brought. i am so excited for the year ahead and have you to thank for the perspective and reflection. and thank you, friends, for coming here to share a bit of my world. it means so much to me and i wish you a wondrous year of miracles and happiness. xo

  • Happy New Year, Natalie!

    I wish you so much love and happiness in the coming year. Also, I can’t wait for more time together in 2013! Boston is a better place for me with you in it! :)

  • those first two sentences really resonate. they are beautiful. as was your year. Happy 2013. thank you, for blogging!