kuang si waterfall

March 27, 2014

While in Laos, we wanted to get out of the city and experience life in the country. If we had more time, it would have been amazing to do an overnight stay outside of the city. I love moving slowly throughout the day, just watching people as they go about everyday activities. Nothing is ordinary when seen through a different lens – a task as simple as going to the market for dinner ingredients is beautiful.

Visiting the Kuang Si waterfall was high on our list of things to do while in Laos. One of my favorite parts was actually the ride out there. We took a tuk tuk and for an hour (each way) the wind whipped through our hair as we breathed in our incredible surroundings. The waterfall was the most exquisite color; I’ve never seen a body of water so blue/green/clear. Kuang Si actually consists of a few different waterfalls, each one taller than the last.

Ever since going to Costa Rica, waterfalls remind me of letting go. We went on a propelling trip in Costa Rica and it was one of the most frightening activities I’ve done. I felt like I was going to slip, fall, die. It was terrifying. Once I got to the bottom, I felt energized. And seriously proud of myself. Waterfalls represent the idea of how freeing it can be to just let go.

When we arrived at the largest waterfall, we decided to wander a bit. We came upon this steep hill that promised a lookout point at the top. It looked like no one had walked this trail before – it was incredibly steep with no where to grasp. It was like rock climbing on the most slippery cliff. It was a little terrifying to be honest, but so worthwhile. Once we reached the top, we had the most stunning view of the country – waterfalls and all.

Laos really stole a chunk of my heart.

  • bridget

    love these travelogues, natalie! and the new design too.