More Cambodia!


The hospitality in Cambodia was unparalleled. Not sure if I’ll regret admitting this, but we went a little overboard in the massage department while in Southeast Asia. Honestly, though, it’s hard not to when the massages are incredible and $5 an hour, on average.

During our two week trip, we each got fifteen massages. The spa at our hotel in Cambodia was unreal. Traditional massages in Cambodia can be a little on the painful side, but I can’t even explain how much tension I was holding in. Before each massage, you bathe your feet and put on these traditional massage clothes. I feel like you can tell a lot about a culture based on food (yes!), markets (how do people run errands? manage the everyday stuff?), and indulgences (what will locals splurge on, if they can?). When we honeymooned in Morocco, it was fascinating to spend time at the hamam and really experience the culture that way. In Southeast Asia, we spent a lot of time learning about the culture – specifically through massage and food.

Our time in Cambodia was spent visiting temples and as a bit of respite in between our crazy travel schedule. Our hotel had an incredible pool, which we spent time sitting around. We ordered many Angkor Beer’s and banana smoothies with rum – and just sat back in the pool-side hammocks. We also took a cooking class, which was one of three classes we took while in Asia. More to come on that!

Next time, I’d love to explore a bit of the Cambodian countryside. There’s so much to see. If only there were more time!

  • 15 massages?! amazing!

    Ps the new blog look looks great!

    • Thanks, Jaime! I know… a little over the top, but I love massages. :)

  • We also stayed at the Golden Temple Hotel and LOVED it :) It’s funny how we live in such a small world.