A Sunny Wednesday


As spring ushered out a long winter, I’ve been shedding past lives, too. Last month, I left my full-time job, which was actually more emotionally taxing than I ever thought leaving a job could be – I suppose that is the beauty of leaving something that you loved in so many ways. It was a tough decision, but ultimately the season to try new things has come. It’s exhilarating and scary and everything in-between.

In addition to working on several projects, I’ll be spending some time traveling. If you’ve been reading for some time, you’ll have noticed that travel is what inspires me, makes me feel alive. First up: I’ll be heading to Turkey and France for a month later this summer. In addition to traveling with friends and Matt, I will be alone for a little while, too. Traveling alone is so different – but there’s something about the quiet I find in unknown streets that is truly irreplaceable.

As I find my footing in this new routine, I often leave the house early in the morning – bag packed for the day with the essentials: extra change of clothes, that pair of gorgeous yet uncomfortable shoes that I will slip on later, makeup, computer and notebooks (I’ve loved getting back to writing the old-fashioned way). It’s safe to say that my schedule has been somewhat hurried – but I am looking to really seek out the quiet moments, especially as July nears. The summer can go so quickly – I want to really appreciate the small moments these next few weeks.