A Summer Weekend in Boston

Now that Milo is in daycare, there is a noticeable difference between the Monday-Friday rush and the weekends.
It feels so nice to be reminded that not every day is the same, you know what I mean?

weekend in boston
I really enjoy having a moment to stop at the end of the week and down shift into a more relaxed, laid back state. Many weekends, Matt works and he was away this past weekend, so in the past, those weekends feel like weekdays. Now that I have more of a work-schedule and Milo is at daycare part-time during the week, even the weekends where Matt isn’t around feel different.

My french cousin, Céline, was in town this weekend. She is living in San Francisco right now, and although that’s still a 6 hour flight from us, it’s nice to have her in the country. She stayed at my sister Carolyn’s house but we were all able to spend a lot of time together.

We had an early dinner (supper? :) ) at my parents’ house which was so lovely. My parents are great cooks and hosts, and I always love going to their house for meals. My dad made this delicious chicken cooked with lemon, and then the usual suspects: roasted potatoes, carrots, Iggy’s bread, and a few other sides — touched with a liberal serving of dijon mustard.

We sipped French 75’s and crawled around after Milo and my niece Serena. They are only 8 months apart and are really starting to play. It’s kind of the cutest thing ever. I am so grateful that we live close to my sisters, so that we can watch these two cousins grow up together. I hope that they are always close.

We also hosted a little BBQ at our house on Sunday evening, where Matt whipped up his signature burgers. We sipped on Gin cocktails and it really felt like summer. Finally. Before the BBQ, we took a nice walk along the beach. One of the many perks of living in South Boston — the water is so close! Then we walked over to Loco for margaritas. Matt gave Milo a little lime — he loves the sour taste!
weekend in boston

Matt was back on Sunday afternoon, so we were able to celebrate Father’s Day. Milo is so lucky to have him. Beyond lucky. I love Milo more than I ever thought possible, but before he was even an idea, I knew that Matt would be a wonderful father. He is so patient, kind, creative, and I love how he is never afraid to be silly. He loves to sing and make Milo laugh — and there’s nothing more wonderful than sitting back and watching the two of them together.

On weekends like this, I am reminded of why I love living in Boston. Of course, being close to good friends and family is always #1, but this city is such a beautiful backdrop and as Milo grows, I am realizing how great it is for kids, too.