A Getaway to Bermuda

Bermuda with a toddler

We recently returned from a quick 3 night getaway to Bermuda (more on The Boston Day Book). This was my first time, but I had been hearing about the pink sand beaches and beautiful water for a long time. My parents went to the island for their tenth wedding anniversary and I remember thinking how exotic it all seemed. They brought back seashells and straw purses for my sisters and I.

The best part of traveling to Bermuda, in my opinion? The quick and easy flight. From Boston, there are a few options. We took a nonstop flight on Delta and it was under 2 hours. Isn’t that incredible? On the way back, there was an open seat for Milo which 100% made the flight easier. At 14 months, all he wants to do is move around, and keeping him on our laps for even 2 hours can be a struggle.

We stayed at the Fairmont Southampton, and I’d definitely recommend it if you are visiting with kids. If I was to travel without Milo I’m not sure I would stay at the property. It is beautiful and there were plenty of people there without kids…. but there were kids everywhere. I don’t imagine that we’ll get away often without Milo, so when we do, it would be nice to go somewhere that we can’t go as easily with him. Plus, I kept telling Matt that I would miss him seeing so many kids around.

The hotel was really nice. There were so many restaurants (our favorites were The Gastropub, Cabana Grill, and Jasmine), and we didn’t even go to half of them. There were plenty of kid-friendly activities including the awesome toddler room which had so many toys and play structures. It was a dream, and made me wish we had space for a real playroom. One day, maybe!

We mostly played at the beach, swam in the pool (the kid’s pool had an adorable little slide), and took a morning trip to Hamilton. We didn’t want to spend hours in town, so we took the local bus into town and the hotel ferry back on the return. Milo screamed the entire bus ride and all the local ladies were trying to distract and soothe him. He was exhausted but we had to fold the stroll (and he literally fell asleep as soon as we popped him back in once we got to Hamilton). I love taking local transportation when we travel. It is such a neat way to get a feel for local everyday life and we always meet the nicest people.

Hamilton Bermuda

Hamilton was really pretty — so many colors! The water glistened as the morning sun cast its light. I am glad that we opted to stay on the South Shore and on the beach. It is always fun to visit the city, but we wanted this trip to feel as beachy and relaxing as possible. It was nice to roll out of bed, apply sunscreen, get coffee (priorities!) and wander to the beach. If I’ve learned anything as a mother, it’s to make things as easy as possible for yourself… because things often won’t go according to plan!

Bermuda, thank you for the most wonderful time. We hope to see you again, very very soon!