An Update: Milo at 19 Months

An Update: Milo at 19 Months Old - Wishful Nals

Guys, this is such a sweet, sweet age. Milo is 19 months old (but coming up close to the 20 month mark!), and is such a joy to be around. At the top of his favorites list is: snuggling, cuddling, and giving hugs. He is so affectionate.

Here is what he’s been into lately:


Milo’s sleep has honestly been all over the place. It may have been a sleep regression, teething, or separation anxiety — or all three combined? — but was sleeping so badly for weeks. He would fall asleep after many songs sung by Matt and then wake up around 10:30 or 11pm, just as we would be getting into bed. It would be too hard to get him to go back to sleep on his own, and I was often exhausted, so I’d end up just letting him sleep in our bed.

He actually co-sleeps pretty well, meaning that he won’t go off and wander, and he does sleep soundly in our bed. The one challenge is that I don’t sleep well. I’m half awake worrying that he is going to crawl out. He also likes to sleep literally on top of me, cheek to cheek. I can’t complain… I know that I will long for these days soon enough, but it does make sleeping a bit tricky.

I’m not sure what shifted, but starting about a week ago, Milo started sleeping well again. Fingers crossed it stays this way! We give him a bath every other night, and then follow-up with a few books (his favorite ones right now: one, two, three) and a few songs. He knows every night to turn on his sound machine and then we turn off his light together. It’s our little routine.

He does sleep with a lovey, but so far hasn’t shown much interest in him. He is getting to be quite the climber, so he still sleeps in this sleep sack. I am hoping that we can keep him in the crib as long as possible!

Lately when I turn off the light and close the door, he is still awake. He will chat to himself a little bit and turn the light off and on (the switch is right next to his crib), but eventually he’ll just snuggle right in and drift to sleep. He is no longer waking up at night, and is actually quite a late sleeper. We leave for daycare at 8:30, and often have to wake him up at 8am. I can’t complain!

We are leaving for Europe this Friday (!!!), and although I am excited, I am a bit nervous that we are going to mess up his sleep big-time. I am kind of expecting that to be the case, because what can you expect with a time change and lack of routine. But that’s okay, we will sleep train again or figure it out when we are back home.

An Update: Milo at 19 Months Old - Wishful Nals


As you may know, Milo has been the pickiest eater. Since he turned one in June, 90% of his diet has been dairy (yogurt and milk). He eats well at daycare, and they feed him a whole variety of foods. There are certainly social pressures to eat when his friends are eating. I also think that he is less apt to give the teachers a problem.

We are slowly making progress, and he is interested in at least trying more foods. So far, he has liked apples, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, toast, and peanut butter. Any other tips or foods that you think we should try?

I recently bought these re-fillable pouches that my cousin recommended. They are awesome, and it’s so much more affordable to fill them with yogurt (or whatever you want) vs. buying the individual pouches. Plus, it’s better for the environment. I was a little nervous that they’d be hard to clean and get moldy, but they’ve actually been super easy. I just hand wash them (the bottom part opens up), and then pop them open on the top rack of my dishwasher for a more thorough cleanse.

Milo loves cereal (as do Matt and I!) and it’s so cute to see him eat it with a spoon. It’s definitely a messy endeavor, but he is Mr. Independent these days.


Milo is really starting to talk these days! He has been babbling for a long while, but is just starting to say words that are recognizable. His favorite things to say: cheers, bye, no, yes, waffle (so cute), yeah, shoe, eyes, toes, uh oh and woohoo.

We are also taking a french class now with my sister and her daughter. Our dad is french and gifted Milo and his cousin, Serena a class. It is so cute, and we look forward to it every week. If you are local to Boston, you should definitely check out the French Cultural Center. They have lots of interesting programming for kids and adults.

Milo loves to tidy, organize, and clean. He has long been obsessed with this broom and mop set, and squeals every time I take out the broom or vacuum. He is a big help when it comes to cleaning up his toys. One of his favorite activities is to take things out and then put them away.

At daycare he does lots of arts and crafts projects, but has shown little interest in drawing at home. Just recently, he has been pulling out the aquadoodle and making his own masterpieces. I love that it literally creates zero mess (just water!) and is great for traveling.

We have a dog, Weber and Milo really cherishes taking him out for walks. He seems so proud when he walks him, and is always running over to the door to see if we should take Weber out. He talks to Weber all of the time, mostly nonsensically, but it is very sweet. Every night before bed, we say goodnight to Web and give him a big hug.

An Update: Milo at 19 Months Old - Wishful Nals

What Milo’s Loving Right Now

Milo is really into blocks — of every kind. He especially loves these Tegu ones (and they are great for travel).

He likes talking on the phone. It is so cute, because it’s still mostly babble but his intonation is so great. Milo is totally mimicking us. We have this retro flip phone. Milo also uses the phone on his walker all the time. I think he especially likes to put it back on the walker.

We read all of the time, and it makes me so happy. His favorite books right now are:

What books do you love? Any that we should add to our library list?

That’s what we’ve been up to lately. This is a really adorable age, and more of Milo’s personality comes out every day. I love this little boy so much!

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