An Epic Road Trip

An Epic Road Trip - Road Trip with a Toddler - Wishful Nals

I’ve been looking forward to our trip to Charleston for weeks as it’s been so freezing in Boston. In fact, the city has set all sorts of records this winter for the longest stretch of cold days. The day that we were supposed to fly down to Charleston, the city was hit with a huge snow storm. The south isn’t used to snow and the city totally shut down. We called JetBlue but knew that our chances of flying out the following day were slim since a huge winter storm was slated to hit the Northeast. We were hoping that JetBlue could at least get us out of Boston and then we could route ourselves to Charleston.

There were no flights anywhere! The best that JetBlue could do was to get us to leave on Friday, but I had a feeling that both cities would still be shut down. It was looking like we were going to have to cancel our trip all together. It would have been sad, but what can you do?

Then Matt offers up an idea: what if we drive? It may come as a surprise since I love to travel, but car trips (of any kind) can make me super anxious. It’s mostly traffic that doesn’t sit well with me but it’s also being far from home and equally far from the destination while in limbo. It’s funny because flying doesn’t cause the same anxiety. Suffice to say, his idea made me a little nervous… especially because this wasn’t just a 1 hour trip he was proposing, but 17+ hours in the car with a toddler and a dog. Taking a road trip with a toddler is certainly not for the faint of heart.

I surprised myself by just saying yes. I mean, why not. I knew that so much of my car anxiety was manageable and I just had to take the road of mind over matter. We ended up renting a comfy SUV because our small hatchback wasn’t going to cut it. A few hours later, Matt, Asher (my brother-in-law), Weber, Milo and I were packing the car and ready for our journey down south. Since there were three adults, we were able to take turns driving, which made a huge difference. You may not recall, but Matt, Brandon (Matt’s other brother) and I drove cross-country from Phoenix to Boston a few years ago… and splitting up the driving time was a huge help.

An Epic Road Trip - Road Trip with a Toddler - Wishful Nals

The car we rented (an Infiniti SUV) was massive and so comfortable. I felt like I was flying in business class. If you’re going to take a really long road trip, this is the way to do it. Weber had his own row in the back and when I wasn’t driving I sat next to Milo. Milo was really good – aside from being awake from 2 to 5am. But what are you going to do? I honestly think he had no idea what time of day it was. I suppose that’s what happens when you are in the car for over 20 hours!

We ended up having a few road bumps along the way: a flat tire in North Carolina (which allowed Milo and I to snuggle for 90 precious minutes!) and I ended up getting car sick towards the end of the trip. But we made it… 22 hours later! The good news is that we are flying home (the beauty of renting a car and dropping it off at a different location).

Road Trip with a Toddler - Wishful Nals

I kind of can’t believe that we did it, but I am glad that we did. It’s nice to be in Charleston (one of my favorite cities) visiting family and eating delicious food. We extended our trip by one day so we can experience some warmer weather. It’s been cold down here (for the south) and there’s still snow and lots of ice on the ground.

This is definitely an adventure to remember! But, I am not itching to do it again anytime soon.