Milo’s Favorite Things

Favorite Toddler Toys - Wishful NalsNow that Milo is 19 months old (what?!), he has pretty strong preferences when it comes to food, activities, books, and how he likes to spend his time. Toddlerhood can be a tricky time to navigate, but I have found that two things have really helped.

The first is having a stable routine so that Milo knows when we’re going to eat, sleep, and do certain things like take a bath. The other is giving him options so that he feels more in control. If I am offering a snack, I usually give him two or three choices and ultimately let him decide. At home, he can play with whatever toys he chooses, although I will sometimes make suggestions. It’s been so neat and interesting to see what he gravitates towards. These are some things that he is loving lately:


Milo loves reading, which makes me so happy. It is so special to share my favorite childhood books with him, and it’s been really neat to see the books that gravitates towards. For Christmas, Matt and I gave Milo this awesome kid’s chair from IKEA. It is actually super comfortable; you can often find Matt and I sitting in it, too! Milo loves to catch up on a few books while relaxing in his chair.

Milo has so many favorite books, it’s hard to narrow down, but here are his top few:


Milo has quite the toy collection, but as expected there are several items that he always gravitates towards. He loves stuffed animals, and he has quite a few. We both especially love this guy and this guy from Jellycat. They make the softest stuffed toys!

We recently started taking French classes and it’s been so much fun. My cousin gifted Milo a set of Uncle Goose French ABC Blocks for his 1st birthday and he LOVES them. They are such great quality and I love the little French words on the blocks. They come in other languages, too.

Milo has always had an affinity towards cleaning and is actually obsessed with our vacuum cleaner. In fact, he won’t let me vacuum without his assistance. Suffice to say, he loves using his Melissa & Doug cleaning set. The set is very cute and comes with a broom, mop, duster, and a little dust broom and pan. Milo loves using them all and enjoys putting each one back on the stand that comes with it.

He really likes this fire truck from Green Toys that my parents gave him, as well as this truck, and this wagon.

Recently we added this Hape toy kitchen to our collection, and it’s the perfect size for city living. Our condo is 900 square feet and I had been looking for a small kitchen for awhile when I finally came across this one. Plus, it comes with play dishes and food!


Bath time is so fun around here! Milo loves the tub, and a few toys make it even more fun. You don’t need much! Milo loves these stacking cups and of course his rubber ducky (who we usually bring along when we travel because he makes bath time feel fun far from home).

We put all of Milo’s toys in this organizer which keeps them out of the way and mold-free. He loves to help pass me each toy when we are ready to get out of the tub. So cute.

I think Milo has dry skin like his mama, especially in the winter. I have been using this Erbaviva cream on Milo since he was a little baby and it is the best that I’ve found. It is super rich and hydrating but absorbs quickly (important for a wriggly toddler). This bath set would make a great gift, too. Erbaviva has such beautiful products and they smell amazing!

Just a few things that Milo is loving these days. Do you guys like these kinds of posts? If so, I can do these round-ups more often with what Milo (and mama) are loving. xoxo