Fun Winter Activities To Do With Kids

As we head deeper into the winter, I find myself wanting to plan out our week so that we don’t just get stuck hanging around the house. Not that there is anything wrong with that… at all! In fact, I think that Milo and I both savor our time at home where we can play independently (him), relax (me), and snuggle (me and him).

BUT it is easy to get cabin fever and when it is really really cold and icy out, I sometimes loose the motivation to get out. So, in an effort to have more fun things planned and to make sure we get out of the house even when it’s chilly, I’m plotting out some fun activities that we can do together.

Fun Winter Activities with Kids - Wishful Nals

Here’s what I’m looking forward to:

  • Sledding was one of my favorite winter activities growing up! We haven’t taken Milo yet, because he still feels so small. But there’s no reason we can’t do a little “light sledding” and even just pull him in a sled. I could totally see Milo, Weber and myself all squishing onto a sled and Matt pulling us. How adorable is this L.L. Bean one? I’m obsessed.
  • Sometimes the best kinds of outings are the simplest ones, right? As a kid, I loved going out for hot chocolate. There used to be this sweet pastry shop on Arlington Street right by the Boston Public Garden. I have the fondest memories of stopping in with my family for a hot chocolate and a croissant after a chilly day exploring the city. I’m not sure that Milo is at an age where he could sip hot chocolate and not spill it all over himself, but I’d love to take him to LA Burdick for a sweet treat (they have the yummiest chocolates and desserts) and a few sips of my hot chocolate. Their hot chocolate is the best, and it comes in three ways: dark drinking chocolate (seriously rich!), milk drinking chocolate (my favorite), and white drinking chocolate.
  • Falling snow is magical. The other day Milo and I went out for a quick walk so that I could grab a coffee, and snow started to gently fall. Milo was mesmerized! For the most part, we watch snow fall from inside the house. We pull up a little chair right to the window so he can peer out, but we rarely go outside until it has stopped snowing. This isn’t intentional at all, but I am just realizing it! I guess we like to stay cozy. :) I’m planning to take Milo on a fun hiking adventure the next time it snows. I’d love to go to the Blue Hills all bundled up (I’d probably pop Milo in the Lillebaby carrier). There are some of the best city views from the reservation!
  • Milo is really into books these days, which makes me a very happy mom. I love children’s books! He is especially obsessed with The Pout Pout Fish and so I’m thinking it would be fun to go to the New England Aquarium someday soon (we haven’t been since he was under 1 year old) and say hi to all the fish. It’s such a cute book, and I’m thinking it would be fun to do more activities based on the books he’s gravitating towards.

Do you have any fun winter activities planned? Since we live in New England where the winter is long, I’m trying each and every year to enjoy it and find the pleasurable activities and moments. As much as I love summer, I would really miss sitting by the fire and warm wool socks (seriously!) if it was warm all the time.

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