scenes from costa rica, part two

September 6, 2012

i’ve dreamt of going to costa rica since i was a child. i imagined a place so magical – trees everywhere, even stemming from the skies; wild animals so friendly; and a place of lush green where the impossible could be possible. as i’ve grown and traveled a bit, i’ve realized that every place can […]

kuang si waterfall

March 27, 2014

While in Laos, we wanted to get out of the city and experience life in the country. If we had more time, it would have been amazing to do an overnight stay outside of the city. I love moving slowly throughout the day, just watching people as they go about everyday activities. Nothing is ordinary […]

a big welcome to 2013

January 2, 2013

you know when you have a feeling deep within your bones? i get chills just thinking about 2013 and the shifts that are coming. this past year was a good, yet challenging time, and i am looking ahead to peace, adventure and enjoying more of the simple. here’s a quick look back on this past […]