Freedom in Travel

Freedom in Travel


Since a young child, I’ve had the great luxury of seeing different places first-hand. Having a french father meant summer vacations in the southwest of France, putting on our Sunday’s best to visit relatives and snack on pieces of baguette while the adults sipped on apertifis – sometimes patiently, other times not so much.

As an adult, the desire to travel has only grown. To feel the salt air against my cheeks, the first taste of ripe mango, and quick yet meaningful glances exchanged with strangers – noting that we aren’t that different, after all.

Whether I’m roaming in an open field or hastily running across city streets, there is no denying that being somewhere new can often provoke the strongest sense of feeling grounded. Kinda odd, no? I’ve always thought that my sense of stability stemmed from routine. Wake up, snooze three times, take shower, and off I go. It’s expected, it’s familiar, it’s stable. It makes sense, yet the more I see of this world, the more I yearn to see – and the more I realize that stability is often found in the pieces I am weaving together with the thread known as “untitled”.

Going to Asia was an experience. People keep asking, “how was your trip?”, and honestly, no words can really explain how incredible it was. In one word: amazing. In many words: inspiring, refreshing, delicious, beautiful, and abundant. We traveled to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam, and while each country had its beauty, Laos and Vietnam tugged at me tightly.

More to come. Until then, you’ll catch me dreaming about many more far off lands in my brand new silk pajamas (thank you tailors of Hoi An).

photo from Kuang Si Falls in Luang Prabang, Laos.