laos, part one

March 14, 2014

Where to begin? Laos was simply incredible. From the sprawling evening market to delicious roadside sandwiches and fresh juices to the magic of Mount Phousi (officially one of my favorite places now). We didn’t have too much time in Laos, so rather than jump around, we stayed in Luang Prabang for the entirety. We did […]

freedom in travel

February 25, 2014

Since a young child, I’ve had the great luxury of seeing different places first-hand. Having a french father meant summer vacations in the southwest of France, putting on our Sunday’s best to visit relatives and snack on pieces of baguette while the adults sipped on apertifis – sometimes patiently, other times not so much. As […]

begur, spain

September 17, 2013

after the most wonderful week in france spent with my father and grandfather, matt and i headed down to spain for a few days to celebrate my birthday. we started in begur, which is a small coastal town in costa brava. this was my first time in spain – and let me just say – […]

defining moments

June 19, 2013

Childhood, by definition, is a time of early existence, where life is easy and you are protected from all the hardships in the world. Not all people experience this type of upbringing, but I did. It was wonderful and on sunny warm days, I am reminded of those afternoons sipping iced tea on the porch […]

final scenes from southwestern france

December 20, 2012

as the holidays draw near, my mind continues to wander back to our week spent in france. (let’s be real – my mind always wanders back there.) these images, these sentiments – these are things that make me feel safe and toasty. the love and warmth that this tiny village in southwestern france exudes makes […]

st. palais de négrignac

December 5, 2012

Each time i arrive in St. Palais de Négrignac, I am home. The twisting roads are familiar; I could walk them blindly. The aromas, the vistas, the hours spent in front of the fire. These things are all so comforting. In my twenty-eight years on this earth, I have grown and found my voice. I’ve […]


November 15, 2012

thank you for your kind words about my grandma. it’s so devastating to loose a generation of such kind, warm-hearted, good people (but always thankful for ways to hold on to their essence). in that vein, i am off to visit my grandfather in france for thanksgiving. along with seeing friends in amsterdam, i am […]

the wine cellar

June 21, 2012

wine has always been a part of my life. i can’t remember a time without strolling through vineyards, hearing conversations about oak barrels and age, and spending time in wine cellars. this particular wine cellar has special meaning. it is small and dimly lit – yet when you open that cavern door, a world awaits. […]

new beginnings + endings

June 18, 2012

my world has been made up of many transitions lately. some good, some sad — all worthy of being tended to. matt’s grandmother passed away this weekend. she lived a full, good life. yet, it is still so sad. it floods back memories of my own mamie, who just passed away this spring (when we […]

final snapshots from france (this time around)

April 4, 2012

thanks so much for letting me share my photos in this space. our trip to france a few weeks ago already feels like a distant memory. thank goodness i have all of these photos to remind me of the wonderful week with my family – and the ways in which we celebrated my grandmother. if […]