a big welcome to 2013

January 2, 2013

you know when you have a feeling deep within your bones? i get chills just thinking about 2013 and the shifts that are coming. this past year was a good, yet challenging time, and i am looking ahead to peace, adventure and enjoying more of the simple. here’s a quick look back on this past […]

montréal street art

May 7, 2012

montréal has the coolest street art. i love when art appears out of nowhere – and grit can be beautiful (in my mind it always is). strolling around the neighborhoods of montréal with my sister is one of my favorite things. i wish it were last week again.


May 4, 2012

breakfast is one of my favorite rituals. especially a mid-week brunch. l’avenue is so montreal – loud music, oversized portions (best potatoes!), mannequin, and crazy bathroom. it perfectly captures the spirit and personality of this city.

montréal, one

May 2, 2012

there’s something about montréal that i just love. perhaps it is the familiarity, the grit, or the accent. for sure, it is the people. we’ve been gallivanting around (mostly the plateau), spending time with barney (a sweet and cuddle-seeking cat), and enjoying each other’s company. being in the presence of loved ones in a beloved […]

settling in to montréal

May 1, 2012

after a long twelve-hour bus ride, it was so refreshing to finally reach my destination: montréal. taking a taxi cab up to my sister and brother-in-law’s sweet little city bungalow made me so happy. i find their presence alone to be so comforting. they always set me at ease. the first night here, we drank […]