champagne for lunch.

October 10, 2011

drinking champagne in the afternoon just seems so ridiculous (in the best way imaginable). like way too much fun for a random day in the middle of the week. but, it’s research for my work, which is pretty awesome. and when work calls, you must abide, right? plus, all the delicious champagne and france chatter made […]

around charente, part one

May 11, 2011

after a few days in paris, we were ready to rest in the country. my grandfather lives on an old (non-working) farm (where the mr. and i were married almost two years ago!). which is also where his grandmother (making it my great great grandmother) was born. how cool is that!? my grandmother lives a […]

my mr.

January 18, 2011

is a good (and silly) one. how’d i get so lucky? xo. ps. have you read our wedding story?

thoughts on being giddy. (warning: a serious post)

November 23, 2010

life is good. so, so good. deliciously good. unrelentlessly good. i like to consider myself a hopeless optimistic. i’m not perfect by any means, but always try to see things with a bright squeeze of sunshine. because why not? earlier today i found myself in a state of pure giddiness. nothing caused it, or you […]

winter in france

November 15, 2010

winter in france is my favorite. the thick fog settles in like clockwork (in fact, you have to plan around it since you can’t drive in it), the heaping, crackling fires (my favorite is the fireplace in the kitchen), the pineau (the homemade non-labeled bottle is part of the perfection), the savory + melt-in-your-mouth foods, […]