thank you, november!

November 2, 2012

fresh beginnings. i love them. there’s something so clarifying about a fresh start. the beginning of november – has a nice ring, doesn’t it? it’s going to be a crazy month. i’m just hoping that things go smoothly and november is kind. i am going to be traveling a lot, which is exciting, but also […]

a few snapshots from charleston (and a thought on balance)

September 18, 2012

it’s been a whirlwind summer, and i am just starting to feel like my feet are planted in the ground again (and it feels oh so good). sorry it’s been a bit quiet around here. just trying to find a balance between a hectic work schedule, traveling (which i love, but there’s just something about […]

scenes from costa rica, part two

September 6, 2012

i’ve dreamt of going to costa rica since i was a child. i imagined a place so magical – trees everywhere, even stemming from the skies; wild animals so friendly; and a place of lush green where the impossible could be possible. as i’ve grown and traveled a bit, i’ve realized that every place can […]

jumping into transition.

August 31, 2011

today is the last day of august. can you believe it? we’ve had an amazing summer. i am filled with gratitude for our travels, relaxing weekends at home and of course, lots of time in the shaded sunshine drinking lemonade. as much as the winter can drag on and the grey skies can become gloomy, […]

lunch in vancouver

August 4, 2011

one of the many, many reasons i love to travel is for the food. there’s no better way to experience a new culture and place then by checking out the local cuisine. while in vancouver, we dined at a fabulous seafood restaurant just around the corner from our hotel. the food (and prosecco!) were delicious […]

memorial day weekend.

June 1, 2011

i love long weekends. we’ve been on the go-go-go lately and as much as i love traveling, it was so nice to just be home for a weekend. the sun came out to play and we spent all day (and night) outside. we had a barbecue (naturally), drank margaritas in our new and improved back […]

the journey to read

December 3, 2010

i am leaving for france today (hip hip hooray!) and with that comes a relatively long plane + train ride. i actually love to fly. i consider myself lucky since i seem to do it quite often. i love that the time spent traveling is so free, so available. it is really so liberating. of […]

the most perfect weekend.

November 15, 2010

the mr. and i had the most relaxing weekend. every moment was perfect. we sat (well, i napped) in front of the fire, we made the most deliciously rich cookies (chocolate is my favorite), we ate lots + lots with good friends. we marveled at weber’s charm + tricks, watched a fantastic thriller and sat […]