decordova museum

June 4, 2013

a little escape from the city can be so welcome – and often quite needed. a few weeks ago, we went to the decordova sculpture park and museum outside of boston. it was a beautiful, crisp day and it was so refreshing to wander the gardens while looking around at the interesting art. plus, dogs […]

the fells

June 13, 2012

there is something so soothing about being in the woods with no one around. i grew up in a somewhat rural town – with lots of space to run and imagine – and plenty of conservation land. going into the woods is always a reminder of my childhood – and a very welcomed one. we […]

these faces

January 10, 2012

it’s a new year. and i couldn’t have greeted 2012 with a larger smile. i am so excited for the year that lies ahead – and all of the new possibilities it holds. but, it is also the middle of january. the sun goes down at a little past 4pm. i’ve been having some difficulty […]

two thousand and eleven

December 30, 2011

2011 was a year of many ups and downs. since i quit my day job back in 2010, i’ve started a few exciting new projects, spent a lot of time reflecting on the little things, and have spent a year in mourning. we’ve also spent a lot more time at home this year, something i […]

the beach in october.

October 12, 2011

since we live a mere fifteen minutes walking distance from the beach (best thing ever), i tend to go often. all year long. i sort of love the beach when it is windy and cold and deserted (evidenced here, here, and here). there’s something so special about having it all to myself. well, this past […]